Testimonials 1

The most valuable asset of the 8(a) Accelerator is bringing the small business cohort together as a group and inviting legacy graduates to participate as speakers.

Taija Thomas
President/Principal, Lion Solutions, LLC

Joining this accelerator program was a game-changer for us. Just three months earlier, we had secured our 8(a) certification, and a month before that, we landed our first major subcontract, expanding our team from 3 to 16 members. By the time we concluded the program, we had gained a more profound insight into pinpointing financial risks, effectively utilizing fractional resources to maintain accuracy and oversight on our financial records, harnessing legal expertise for safeguarding our business and ensuring compliance, enhancing our probability of winning through tailored processes and tools, and forging robust and efficient teaming partnerships.

Sia Floyd
President & CEO, Antean Technology

As a result of attending the Power of Business Credit Open Door, I was able to locate what items a bank needed to see on my credit report would influence my business credit.

Barbara Bonsu
CEO, Housecall Practitioner Services

I feel donors continue to support the BIC based on our government contracting expertise and resources, reputation in the county, proven track record with small business.

Board Member

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