Workshop: Mentor Protégé

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Tuesday, January 16
12–1:30 pm

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Are you new to the 8(a) program?  Are you ready to plan your exit strategy?  Establishing a Mentor-Protégé relationship is a great way to build past performance, build capacity to pursue larger government contracts, and continue to bid on set-aside procurement opportunities after your 8(a)-certification expired.  Attend the Mentor-Protégé workshop to learn how Mentor Protégé programs work and how you can use it to slingshot your company to faster success in federal contracting.

event presenter

Angie Duncanson, Program Manger


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what clients say

The most valuable asset of the 8(a) Accelerator is bringing the small business cohort together as a group and inviting legacy graduates to participate as speakers.

Taija Thomas
President/Principal, Lion Solutions, LLC