8(a) Accelerator Program

Bowie BIC announces our online Fall 2023
8(a) Accelerator Program

Here’s what our graduates are saying:

“The class was hugely beneficial for us. When we entered the class, we had one 8(a) sole source contract. Since then, we have been awarded 5 more 8(a) contracts. That’s a total of 6 awards within our first year in the 8(a) program. I definitely credit the class with teaching us to better communicate our value proposition, providing us with exposure and access to new agencies, and helping us to start to focus on the opportunities with the highest probability of success. Thanks for all that you do.”

Melissa Peterson, CEO, Blue Sky Innovative Solutions 

About the Program

The award-winning Bowie BIC 8(a) Accelerator Program is a seven-week initiative developed in collaboration with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) with some funding from Capital One, EZ GovOpps, PilieroMazza PLLC and Nolan Mackenzie to give 8(a) companies the edge they may need to win more government contracts.

The next 8(a) Accelerator Program runs October through November:

  • 7 Weekly Half-Day Sessions Online

Learn how to maximize 8(a) contracting success through:

  • Coaching on the development of your capture strategy
  • Access to successful 8(a) business leaders serving as speakers and business resources during each training session
  • One-on-one mentoring with successful 8(a) business executives
  • Strategies to develop and expand your own network of teaming partners, advisors, and industry experts

Additional Benefits

Companies accepted into 8(a) Accelerator also receive:

  • Training and complimentary access to the EZGovOpps Market Intelligence tool
  • Access to U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Business Opportunity Specialists (BOS)
  • Access to legal resources for contractors through PilieroMazza PLLC
  • Online 8(a) Accelerator Desk Guide with resource materials from the program

Participant Requirements

  • Company is currently participating in SBA’s 8(a) Business Development Program
  • Company has two or more employees, including the owner
  • Company has annual revenues of less than $1 million

2022 Program Impacts

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[counter icon=”icon-graduation-cap” number=”110″ title=”8(a) Graduates”]
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Business Focus


Deal Mix


Sales Planning


Team Building


Financial Planning


Capture Planning



Program Experiences:
All Things Creative
Program Experiences:
SG & Associates
Program Experiences:
K. Teya Moore & Associates
Program Experiences:
SG & Associates
Program Experiences:
APL Solutions
Program Experiences:
Avant-Garde Engineering Technology

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