It “takes a village” to accelerate the growth of your business.

With a savvy guide, in the form of a mentor, you can avoid making crucial early mistakes. The smaller your company, the faster you need to move, often without enough information to make perfect choices.  Mentors are valuable to your maturation as an entrepreneur and your company’s success.

Bowie BIC offers four types of mentoring resources for its clients:

  1. Mentoring provided by the Bowie BIC Management Team, which creates quarterly action plans for all its clients and monitors those scale-up plans, offering coaching and mentoring as needed.
  2. Mentoring through the Bowie BIC Board Members, who are all seasoned business owners and senior business owners recruited for their interest in supporting the growth of Bowie BIC clients. These Board members work with Bowie BIC clients to address specific business acceleration challenges.
  3. Mentoring through a small group of Industry Veterans who volunteer to work with Bowie BIC clients on businesses issues
  4. Mentoring delivered through Bowie BIC’s new Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) Program specifically for our clients bringing technology-based products to market, sponsored by Maryland TEDCO.

Defining characteristics of a good mentor and why they’re important to an entrepreneur’s success:

  • A Good Mentor… Has Expert-Level Experience
  • A Good Mentor… Has Had Success As An Entrepreneur
  • A Good Mentor… Is Patient and Action-Oriented
  • A Good Mentor… Is Direct Yet Supportive

Do you need a mentor?  Contact Lisa Smith at Bowie BIC: