Denita Conway

Denita R. Conway is an award-winning strategic planning and risk mitigation executive and one of the capital region’s leading African American businesswomen. As the Founder and President of PROVEN Management, LLC, Conway and her team of 60 experienced move management specialists help clients manage complex logistics requirements, navigate stringent facility protocols, and balance the many details behind the scenes of business transitions.

An expert in entrepreneurship, leadership development, and government contracting, Ms. Conway is passionately committed to redefining an industry historically dominated by male tradition and, processes built simply on “the way things have always been done.” PROVEN’s Move Management and Logistics professionals support well known federal clients across the region including the US Pentagon, the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. General Services Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, The Department of Homeland Security and many more recognizable agencies.

Since opening their doors in 2008, Conway’s technical expertise and business acumen have helped her organization repeatedly stand out from the pack. PROVEN Management, LLC has successfully led some of the highest-profile, and highest risk, federal and private sector campus relocations and facility transitions on record. And, they have managed to achieve and maintain a 100% client satisfaction and project success record every step of the way.

Having overcome a number of personal struggles on her sometimes windy path to business success, Conway is equally committed to serving her community as a volunteer, thought leader, youth mentor, and life coach. While building a business, raising two daughters as a single parent, and caring for a terminally ill relative, Conway managed to not only survive challenging circumstances but to multiply her positive outlook to maximize her community impact. She proactively connects fellow entrepreneurs to enterprising youth, and, in addition to serving by example, challenges her entire leadership team to find new ways to passionately engage with, and give back… even while “on the clock.” By documenting her team’s collective impact on both professional and personal levels, Conway has built a loyal and deeply invested team that continuously rises up to conquer diverse sets of challenges.

Conway’s passion, drive, and stamina have earned her many diverse accolades. This month Conway was recognized as a SMART CEO BRAVA! Awardee for the city of Baltimore and in 2015, she was named American Express OPEN 2015 Woman Contractor of the Year. In 2014, she was recognized with Washington DC’s Smart CEO BRAVA! Award, and, that same year, her firm was named Small Business of Year in Prince George’s County, MD. She serves on the Board of Directors for Prince George’s County Chamber of Commerce and Hearts and Homes for Youth, an organization whose mission is to serve youth who have overcome immense adversity. She is also heavily involved in Kids Play USA, a foundation committed to removing financial barriers associated with youth sports.

From empowering her employees and challenging her clients to thrive in every opportunity, to devoting time to a wide variety of local youth development and mentorship initiatives, Denita is a trailblazer who focuses on supporting communities, one strategic move at a time. But, her greatest accomplishments are most clearly personified in the accumulating successes of her two daughters (a junior at Clarke Atlanta University and a freshman at Bennett College).

Denita Conway received her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Temple University.