BiC Next

In May 2017, Bowie BIC opened a second location, Bowie BIC NEXT at Kenhill Center in Bowie, MD.  Bowie BIC NEXT is transitional, affordable office space exclusively for the client companies that graduate from Bowie BIC’s 36-month business accelerator program.  Bowie BIC NEXT is a place where these growing companies can thrive and it keeps the economic impact generated by these companies in Bowie.

Bowie BIC’s graduates are young technology companies and government contractors who typically need more affordable, flexible office space options than most commercial real estate markets provide.  Thanks to the leadership and innovative approach of the Mayor and Council of the City of Bowie, Bowie BIC was able to leverage city-owned office space to create Bowie BIC NEXT, which helps BIC graduates continue to grow and increase revenues before making the transition to commercial office space.

Bowie BIC NEXT is an office suite with individual offices, conference room, meeting spaces, kitchenette and breakroom.  Bowie BIC NEXT clients also have free parking and access to additional meeting options, including an onsite 100-seat auditorium.  Bowie BIC NEXT is located at Maryland Route 197 and Route 50 in Bowie, MD.

Transition Space for BIC Graduates
Conference Room
Kitchen and Break Room
Keeping economic impact in Bowie